Post Construction Cleaning Services

About Post Construction Cleaning Services

It has been a struggle in managing construction waste whether residential or commercial when in a renovation. Regardless of necessary precautions in covering significant areas, tiny particles like dust and dirt will easily take over. Dust from drywall and bricks can be detrimental for health and if accumulated, it can cause serious damage to appliances and building tools.

At Delaware Office Cleaners, residential and commercial cleaning services are offered especially on post construction services. With full assurance, construction leftovers such as little fragments, debris and dust will be thoroughly cleaned in order for your properties to be moved safely and great!

Why Do You Need Post Construction Cleaning

For many, new constructions means a new start. That is why, providing a new environment such as having a new house, apartment or housing is an indication of helping people attain their desired home. However, it is important to ensure that the properties are functional and physically great without any construction debris left on the area before showing it to possible buyers.

Delaware Office Cleaners are composed of individuals who are experts in post-construction cleaning. Without a doubt, we will sophisticate your home and make your residence look better than before. Our cleaners are aesthetically sensitive which means that they give cleanups that will complement your house structure that will enhance your room. We can make our skilled cleaners work together with your staff all the way through the process in order for us to clean before departing. To make you feel comfortable, we can wait for your team to be done with your project then execute the cleaning process.

How Post-Construction Cleaning Works

Rough Clean

The first phase commences when every significant installation like framing, electric works and plumbing are done. Enormous things such as things that cannot be vacuumed like garbage, leftovers and debris are being removed as the first step of the procedure. Next is vacuum-cleaning or sweeping the whole place. We also include the removal of stickers that are on the doors and windows but not cleaning them. 

Final Clean

It takes a lot of hard work when it comes to post-construction cleaning that it requires complete concentration and attentiveness. It takes an approximation of several days for the whole process to be done. Cleaning the disarray of things is an additional load to do for a construction contractor who already must direct himself on constructing the building. Hence, it will be a good option to employ cleaners who are experts in cleaning either you employ on your own or through the contractor.

Benefits of a Post- Construction Cleaning Services


It is a fact that there is a lot of danger in a place where there is construction and renovation happening. This is the reason why we provided enough safety gears like helmets and footwears to our professional cleaners in order to ensure their protection from any hazards while they work.

Save Time

Delaware Office Cleaners will assure a flawless cleanup done in time which will be made convenient for you to make no disturbances regarding your work. Hence, you will be able to focus yourself on your work instead of spending time searching for employees and materials for cleaning and end up not being satisfied with the work done. Delaware Office Cleaners will ensure to meet your expectations.


Cleaning contractors have charges that depend on different factors like scaling, equipment used, and the location where they do the haul of the construction waste. However, you will be able to save your resources like money, time and cleaning materials and safety gears. Additionally, you will save yourself from the time allocated in brainstorming such ideas that will fit your satisfaction. 

The Right Tools for the Job

Regular cleaning services can be enough to sustain normal cleaning. However, post-construction needs a higher level of cleaning expertise that caters brand new remodel which Delaware Office Cleaners can give. We will give your new home its best look as it has skillful cleaners that will deliver their expertise in post-construction cleaning services.

Why Choose Delaware Office Cleaners

It is not a good decision to live in a place full of construction wastes like trash, dirt and dust which is why it is a necessity to have post-construction cleaning. It is beneficial to employ construction cleaning services to have an absolute cleanup on your environment which saves you a lot of effort, energy and time which can be better allocated when you get your things arranged after the cleanup.  With a set of professional cleaners with effective training, Delaware Office Cleaners will make your home pleasant and glamorous. Our priority is to make your house spotless for the new owners to feel comfortable, calm and tranquil. We are confident to provide our clients an exceptional cleaning service. Keep in touch with us now and get a free estimate!

Frequently Asked Questions

In getting started with cleaning, there is a need to wipe the dust from the walls starting from the top down. Undeniably, walls accumulate a lot of dust during construction. There are two ways to possibly clean your walls. Firstly, remove tiny dirts on the wall’s surface while keeping the wall stable by dry dusting. Secondly, utilizing damp cloth can also be good but it relies on the kind of wall covering or paint.

Primary step in cleaning a concrete or hard-surfaces floor is through vacuum and floor sweeping. Dust mops can also be utilized in removing tiny particles safely.

It would take less than a day to finish additional one-two rooms for small cleanups. However, an approximation of three days must be allotted for whole-home projects.

Rough cleaning is simply the removal of garbage, stickers and huge debris from the windows. In addition, the unit can be swept as it will benefit the future subs for the preparation of the flooring, cabinetry, fixtures and painting.

To maintain the condition of the wall’s surface, dry dusting is recommended as it removes tiny particles safely. Depending on the wall’s paint and covering, damp cloth can also be used.

Considerations of some particular construction site and surfaces is important for us to identify what cleaning approach will be done. However, removing construction dust needs few stages of cleaning procedures.

Our service will rely heavily on what you expect us to do. Post-construction cleaning is composed of three stages. We are capable of delivering you all three or any particular cleanup of your choice.

The key to cleaning new houses after construction is to simply remove the dust particles from corner to corner and from every tube or channel. During the cleaning procedure, it is necessary to make no scratches to preserve the condition of the new house.

New construction and post-construction can be differentiated through the different installations of plumbing, mechanical, electrical and others everytime the builders clear the area. Post-construction only occurs prior to new construction which occurs after completing the utility works such as ceiling work, wiring, pipework and others.

The average and usual cost of a residential job is $550-$800 though, post-construction cleanup prices usually vary depending on the kind of service. On the other hand, $0.10 to $0.50 per square foot is an enough budget for a commercial cleanup. 

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