Janitorial Services

About Janitorial Services

Having a clean working environment can give a positive impact on the performance of the employees especially that most of their time is spent inside the building. Though many companies extend the responsibility to their employees in keeping the workplace clean and tidy, however, this will affect their working progress later on. A janitorial service is a cleaning service that caters different commercial buildings such as educational and medical buildings to help with the cleaning and maintaining the building’s properties.

Delaware Office Cleaners is a known provider for commercial cleaning services that provides professional cleaners to the job. When you hire us for janitorial services, we can assure you the best cleaning service that will give attention to all your property cleaning needs. We are committed to work hard to make sure we meet our customer’s satisfaction

What to Expect

We believe that the first impression a client or customer somehow affects the client’s decision matters regarding the business. One of those factors that gives impression to a client or customer is how the management is able to maintain cleanliness inside the building. Janitorial services maintain the cleanliness in your office regularly to keep it ready for potential partners and clients since sometimes, employees often get too busy to clean their workspaces. As a whole, this will create a negative impression to the clients as cleanliness and a good business environment are both of great importance in a company.

Delaware Office Cleaners is a janitorial and commercial cleaning company that provides a full range of services in maintaining houses or business establishments in good condition for the years ahead. Proven and tested by our hundreds of satisfied clients, our quality of work and the competence of our professionals have been verified with the experience they had with us. You may give us a call at 302-585-5223 or visit our page online to see how the game will change in your business with a professional’s help.

Commercial Cleaning Services vs. Commercial Janitorial Services

Commercial cleaning services involve a one-time cleaning process of every aspect of the building’s properties. When you hire Delaware Office Cleaners for your commercial cleaning services, we can help you achieve a fully-cleaned job for you. We will provide cleaning services in scheduled times since buildings or stores do not need a thorough cleaning everyday. To keep an establishment presentable and attractive to customers and even to employees, regular maintenance is needed in addition to deep cleaning for a couple of times a year. 

Commercial janitorial services differ from cleaning services in terms of the completion of the work being done. Janitorial services are regular cleaning services that are carried out usually before or after business hours to avoid distractions and hindrances in the job. They do the same work as janitors but they work while employees and customers are still in the office to make sure every cleaning matters are managed to make sure everything is going smoothly during business hours.

Benefits of Janitorial Service

More Productivity

Normally, keeping workspaces clean and tidy often become a part of employees daily tasks.  However, this becomes a hindrance to completing their daily tasks during business hours instead could have been a productive time in getting the tasks done for the day. If you hire Delaware Office Cleaners for professional janitorial services, we can take care of the cleaning job daily that will surely save time for both you and your employees.

Have the Right Equipment

Part of being a cleaning services provider is investing in right and high-quality equipment to ensure the job is done properly and efficiently. Also, one of the reasons that we use high-quality equipment is to lessen the risk of damaging client’s properties. Delaware Office Cleaners provide professional cleaners that are well-trained in using the right equipment in the right situation.


Operational costs will get high if the company will hire more people to do the cleaning job. With the help of our janitorial services, the company will be able to maximize employees’ performance and at the same time, a better working environment for them to focus on their main tasks and increase their productivity.

Healthier Environment

Individuals who share the same office equipment and space will likely cause germs and bacteria to easily spread inside the working environment. More often than not, this causes illness and can affect the manpower since employees may file their sick leave often. Without the help of a professional janitorial service provider, your office can become an incubator for bacteria and germs. Delaware Office Cleaners provides professional cleaners that are trained in keeping your place achieve a healthier workplace for you and your employees. 

Provide Better First Impressions

Most people are driven naturally with their decisions from what they have observed or commonly as the “first impression” when visiting a place. Eventually, one factor that can greatly affect a client’s decision is how the management maintains the cleanliness of the company since it contributes to the image of the management as a whole. At Delaware Office Cleaners, we are always ready to help you with your cleaning matters that come with professional and skilled cleaners to do the job. 

Why Hire Delaware Office Cleaners

Preparing and maintaining a clean working environment everyday can be a daunting task since most of the employees have a designated business schedule to keep on. However, workstations  serve as a second home for employees since they spend at least 40 hours per week in that area. That is why, it is important to keep it pleasant and healthy by having a regular cleaning in the building. The cleaning includes throwing of the trash, mopping the floor, cleaning the bathroom, and many more.

Delaware Office Cleaners is on top of the list of cleaning companies in Delaware that provides professional cleaners to do the job. We believe that a good working environment produces a positive impact that is essential both for the clients or customers whenever they visit your office.

Know us more about our janitorial services and see what type of professional cleaning services that will fit your needs. You can also contact us at 302-585-5223 or you can visit us online to see our different cleaning services we have for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, we charge our janitorial services about $0.15 to $0.25 per square foot. However, this will depend on the size of the area, type of facilities to clean, and the frequency of cleaning the building or office.

Delaware Office Cleaners uses high-quality equipment and supplies to ensure every corner that needs cleaning attention is achieved. Our cleaning services include sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and disinfecting, and many more.  Call us now to see what type cleaning service fits your needs.

Long-term contracts are not required for you to avail our services. It only depends on your availability and the length of time you set to work with us.

Our commercial cleaning and janitorial services can accommodate residential, business, and institutional buildings. We also provide our services to various types of offices, retail spaces, fitness centers, and more.

This depends on how frequent you would like to avail our service like daily, weekly, or monthly, or even for one time only.

Sure. Our services are aimed to comply with your cleaning needs.

It is not necessary. We can do the cleaning before, after, or during business hours.

We make sure to use high-end cleaning products and equipment to perform our cleaning job well. We have specified products used for different materials or spaces like the windows and floors.

We make sure to use high-end cleaning products and equipment to perform our cleaning job well. We have specified products used for different materials or spaces like the windows and floors.

We will make every effort to provide you with your preferred professional cleaner as we value your trust and we would like to continue doing business with you.

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