House Cleaning Services

About House Cleaning Services

For the majority of people, home is not just a place where we stay and live, but rather a place where memories exist and kept. A place where you can create comfortable and special moments with your loved ones, and coexist with them. Indeed home is usually seen as a place that is clean and tidy as much as possible. However, the cleaning process itself requires a lot of time and effort to achieve this kind of image on how homes are supposed to be. 

At Delaware Office Cleaners, we provide honest and professional personnels to assist you with quality cleaning services. We will not only make your home tidy and clean, but also save your time.  We aim to surpass and meet your standards on how cleanliness should be as well as convince you that your home is the best place to relax and rest.

What Does It Include

Living Room, Bedrooms & Common Areas:

  • Sweep the floors using mops and vacuums
  • Wipe all the surfaces such as mirrors, glasses, and window blinds 
  • Vacuum dusts from upholstered furnitures 
  • Sanitize and disinfect switches and door handles/door knobs
  • Change the bedsheets with comfortable freshly washed linens


  • Sanitize and disinfect all surfaces and corners 
  • Clean and scrub the tubs, sinks, toilet, and shower walls
  • Clean the floors by using mops
  • Change towels with a newly washed ones
  • Collect and throw away garbages


  • Clean the kitchen sink
  • Wipe and clean the insides and outsides of the refrigerators, ovens, and stoves 
  • Mop and vacuum the floors 
  • Remove dirts and stains in corners and surface areas of the kitchen
  • Take out the garbages from your kitchen

Why Do You Need a House Cleaning Service


If you are one of those people who have difficulties with balancing your hectic schedules, then a home cleaning service is an excellent option to keep your home free from dirt and dust, Delaware Office Cleaners ensures to give you quality cleaning service to keep your home neat, clean and comfortable to live with. 

Right Tools for a Better Result

We can’t deny the fact that there are stubborn dirt and stains at home that are difficult to eliminate. No matter how hard you try to remove it even using all your available tools and products at home, they still linger. Delaware Office Cleaners have their own tools and equipment when doing the job. We believe that the right tools are one of the factors to achieve a desirable result and satisfaction to our customers in providing a fresh, calm and comfortable home. 

Be More Productive

Getting those cleaning routines will not only give you a clear mind, but also give you time to  deal with important matters. Delaware Office Cleaners is committed to providing and assisting people with the cleaning process at home. We believe that a clean and tidy home will give you a fresh and clear mind to focus and think on other matters without worrying about the cleaning at home. 


Usually, when we clean our houses, we tend to buy certain cleaning products to help us achieve the cleanliness we desire the most. However, after we use those cleaning products, we often forget about them which make us not cost-efficient. At Delaware Office Cleaners, we provide our own cleaning products to save you from buying anything that might not be useful afterwards.

Get The Unreachable Places Cleaned at Home

The fact that you know your home better than any professional cleaners is somewhat true. However, there are still areas in your home that need to be cleaned but you tend to overlook for some reasons. Maybe it is because you don’t see the need for it to be cleaned or you just don’t know how to deal with it such as the dirt and dust in those areas can be built overtime. Delaware Office Cleaners provides professional and skilled cleaners that know how to handle and deal with these concerns.

Get Away With Bacteria and Germs 

Every member in the family tends to step out and step in the home a lot of time that results in bringing and spreading tons of bacterias and germs from the outside. To reduce and minimize the continuing spread of bacterias and germs that might cause sickness to your family, keeping your home clean would be the best solution. Delaware Office Cleaners will help you maintain a clean home and keep every member of the family healthy.

Why Choose Delaware Office Cleaners  for Your House Cleaning Services

We Have Reliable and Trustworthy Professional Cleaners

Homes can sometimes be a source of pride for many. There are times when your home can be the meet up place for your friends, relatives, and other guests. However, cleaning up tends to be your last priority considering the things and responsibility that you need to attend to. This instance could bring you and your family into shame especially when you have surprise guests. At Delaware Office Cleaners, we invest highly on providing our cleaners the best treatment they could possibly have in return with their loyalty with us. Our cleaners make sure that they do their job with high quality performance. 

We Offer Customized and Convenient Scheduling

At Delaware Office Cleaners, we make sure that we have various cleaning options to fit your desired result. We can also work with your schedule on the time that is best fit for you. So if you are looking for a house cleaning service in the Delaware area, don’t hesitate to call us so we could tackle down and discuss the best service that suits according to your needs and requests. For more information about our different cleaning services feel free to contact us at 302-585-5223.

Frequently Asked Questions

Practicing regular cleaning in your home, keeping it clean, well-organized free and free from dust can offer your family a much better environment that is free from allergens and other sorts of sickness. It will also make your house a place where you feel comfortable to stay with.

Delaware Office Cleaners are well equipped and ready for a thorough cleaning in your home. All materials, equipment and products are all provided and included in most of our services. However, if there are any specific materials that you prefer to be used in cleaning your home, our personnel are flexible enough to go according to your wants as long as they are familiar with it.

If it is your first time to hire Delaware Office Cleaners, we highly recommend a deep cleaning service. You can look into more information regarding our Deep Cleaning Service on our website.

Since regular cleaning aims to maintain the cleanliness all over the house, Delaware Office Cleaners would sweep and mop the floors after vacuuming, clean the bathrooms including sinks, mirrors, tubs and toilets, as well as cleaning the kitchen by washing all the dishes and clean the insides even outsides of the appliances.

Delaware Office Cleaners always provide a quality cleaning service. However, if there’s something that we might have missed on the day of the cleaning, we guarantee to check on it and immediately deal with  as long as you call us within 24 hours after cleaning.

If you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointments, Delaware Office Cleaners are considerate enough to compensate with you but we require you to inform us 24 hours a day before the cleaning day.

In letting in our personnel, you could choose a way that is according to what is best and comfortable for you. You could give us an extra key, you could leave the key at our office and we make sure to handle it with care and security, or you could just leave the key near your front door but it’s important to give us further instructions on how we are supposed to get and where to locate the key. Another option would be giving us access to your garage opener or codes. Delaware Office Cleaners assures you that our professional cleaners are all trusted and that your home will be safe and secure as long as we finish cleaning the entire place.

We at Delaware Office Cleaners are bound to keep your home clean and comfortable. We are very much willing to compensate and customize our service according to your preference and wants.

Delaware Office Cleaners accepts several methods of payment depending on the availability. You can either pay by cash, chesk, Mastercard/Visa or online. You may also leave your payment in our office if you’d like to.

Delaware Office Cleaners usually send two people in your home –a team captain and the member. However, there are also instances in which we send three people if cleaning needs to be done quickly. Sometimes, it will depend on the size of your home –if the home is small, we could just only send one person but assures that the cleaning will be done very well and in a thorough way.

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