Green Cleaning/Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

About Green Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning is one of the excellent options to keep our families and loved ones well-protected from germs and harsh chemicals. This type of cleaning will not just clean your place, but also it aims to use cleaning products that are good for the well-being of the people and the environment. What is good about Green Cleaning is that it is good for your health especially if you have kids at home, green cleaning products are a good option to use. 

Delaware Office Cleaners is flexible about the services they offer to their customers. We make sure that we have different cleaning services available to provide the best and fit cleaning service to our customers. If you want to know more about our Green Cleaning Service, please contact us so that we can discuss the possible products that our professional cleaners are going to use when doing the job.

What to Expect

At Delaware Office Cleaners, we do not just strive to help you in choosing the best option to keep your home clean and healthy, but we also try to protect the environment from the products that we are using. The customers can easily choose the most effective cleaning solutions for their home upon the briefing of Delaware Office Cleaners regarding the products to be used in cleaning that are advisable and are approved in the market. Most of these cleaning products are all free from toxins, petroleum, ammonia, and alcohol. We can use environmentally-friendly methods in providing cleaning services to reduce product waste and recycling bottles and containers. Our other means in contributing to our environment is to support established businesses that promote an environmentally-friendly way of cleaning.

Benefits Of Green Cleaning Services

Healthier Home

Most of the time, we are not aware that the products used in cleaning our homes contain harmful and toxic chemicals. Our pets and children are the most vulnerable to all these toxins. In dwelling with Green Cleaning, the risk of our pets and children’s health upon the exposure to such chemicals and toxins from the harsh components of cleaning products will be lessened. Delaware Office Cleaners are proud to provide this type of cleaning service to keep every family member secure and risk-free from all these harmful cleaning product components. 


Green Cleaning will not just only help your family safe from harsh chemicals, but also help our environment as a whole. Delaware Office Cleaners believes that offering Green Cleaning service will be a good start to helping our environment and at the same time, keeping your home safe and clean.

Fresh Air For Your Family

One of the benefits you can get from Green Cleaning is that it will give a fresher air for your family while they are at home. Using these products, it will lessen the risk of your little ones and pets to get any effect from the cleaning products. Delaware Office Cleaners make sure that our professional cleaners and customers are well-informed of the cleaning products that we will be used when cleaning your home. 


Home owners are becoming more cautious and concerned about their family on how cleaning that involves chemicals affects the health of their loved ones. Children ages five years old and younger are the ones who are very vulnerable to these harmful cleaning product components and are very prone to chemical poisoning.  A green cleaning service from Delaware Office Cleaners is an excellent option to keep a not just clean and well-organized home but offer a safer atmosphere to your children and loved ones.

Why Delaware Cleaning Services

Customized Green Cleaning Services

When customers request to use environmental-friendly products, Delaware Office Cleaners are well equipped to fulfill such requests. Even if it means only using disinfectants and natural products on the others, we are flexible enough to customize according to the customer’s wants.  Our licensed professionals and well-trained staff makes your living space clean and comfortable. They make sure to completely remove dirt in every corner of your home. Areas in your homes that you usually pay little attention to are all vacuumed, sanitized and moped. 

Just A Phone Call Away

The calmness and satisfaction upon stepping into a clean home brings most people a positive energy. Being a homeowner means being particular to the details on how our house is cleaned. Knowing that our house is cleaned by using eco-friendly products adds up to the positive vibes to our homes. Delaware Office Cleaners assures every homeowner to offer them a greener and natural cleaning service that they deserve. 

Delaware Office Cleaners is just a call away in helping you achieve a calm and well-cleaned home through the help of our professional and well-trained cleaners. Call us at 302-585-5223 and we will see how we can help you achieve the clean home of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

This cleaning method means choosing and using only products that are not harmful to both people and the environment by preventing chemicals to be released and exposed to our surroundings. Through this cleaning method, we don’t only protect the well-being of the people but also help in protecting our environment.

Delaware Office cleaners has different methods when cleaning including cleaners that prefer using eco-friendly cleaning products and materials. If you have special requests on how things must go when our cleaners start to clean your home, Delaware Office Cleaners are very flexible to follow what our customer wants and needs. However, most of the time, our customers would already provide us with their preferred eco-friendly cleaning products and materials.

In using an eco-friendly way of cleaning, the safety and the health of both humans and the environment can improve. This method can be cheaper and cost efficient since the usage of chemicals that usually cost a lot are reduced.

Hiring cleaners from Delaware Office Cleaners can help you save time and energy. You can just make use of your time in relaxing together with your family or do the things you love instead of spending it in cleaning.

Informing your cleaners on cleaning day if you have pets is very important to avoid any complications like escaping from their cages. However, if your pet is 100% friendly, then the cleaners at Delaware Office Cleaners are very much willing to pet them on the day of the cleaning.

We accept credit cards. Some clients prefer to pay in cash, that’s no problem. You can also pay by check, but we keep a credit card on file for every client.

Since Delaware Office Cleaners offers a full-service housekeeping, we don’t just simply follow a checklist, we also take note of every specific needs and requests from our customers during appointments. If there are things you forget to inform us during your appointment, Delaware Office Cleaners are much willing to add it up on your checklist.

An eco-friendly way of cleaning is very important to help save our environment from toxins and chemicals released to the surroundings from the cleaning products. It also contributes to the well-being of the people to keep them strong and healthy.

Cancelling or rescheduling your appointments within 48 hours before the cleaning day is never an issue to Delaware Office Cleaners. However, cancelling your appointments without giving us a heads up 48 hours before the cleaning day would require you to pay the estimated cost according to the service that you avail from us.

Hiring Delaware Office Cleaners depends on how people living in that home lives and it is up to the owner of the house on how many times he/she wants to have his house cleaned in a week. Weekly cleaning can reduce allergy and reduce common colds by 80%. Most clients prefer to have their homes cleaned weekly or every other week to free them from household chores and to just spend their time with their family and for relaxing.

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