Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfection Services

About Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Services

The fast widespread of the coronavirus has caused a global panic. This virus has the ability to live in the air for several hours, travel for about 27 feet, survive in our ventilation systems, can be transmitted from infected objects and surfaces, and live for about three days on surfaces. This disease is very contagious before people even know that they are sick or asymptomatic.

Delaware-based Cleaning experts are dedicated to providing top-notch cleaning and disinfection service for your business and homes that will meet the required standards during this precarious time. We have immense experience in handling biological fouling and we exceed the conventional standard carried out by janitors every day. We have highly trained professionals who take a proactive approach during cleaning activities such as structure or facility disinfection and cleaning.

Expert Level for Both Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

Considering that the Coronavirus is able to live for about a week on surfaces and most infected individuals are usually asymptomatic until exactly two weeks post-infection, it is making the virus harder to monitor and handle. Although, several preventive steps such as maintaining social distancing, hand washing, and ensuring that the mouth is covered when coughing have been advised, it is also vital to have the support of a reliable expert disease and biohazard disinfection firm. Delaware Office Cleaners are dedicated to providing complete disinfection of every constantly handled surface like the bathroom fixtures, door handles, tables, desks, light switches, countertops, and chairs with the use of clinical standard disinfectants. We ensure that the best possible residential and commercial cleaning and disinfecting solutions are provided.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals For Covid Cleaning and Disinfecting

Safety Standards

Professional cleaners have been in the business of disinfecting hospitals and other high-risk industries even before the outbreak of the virus. This implies that the required safety protocols have been established already with adequate experience and training in ensuring the safety of themselves and all clients. This also implies that the required PPEs and other safety equipment that will guarantee efficient performance of their task have been known. They have also been adequately trained to carry out regular cleaning of important touchpoints and surfaces and are fully prepared for every possible situation.

Familiarity With The Required Cleaning Solutions

Professional cleaners have many years of experience and specialty which have given them a profound understanding of the appropriate cleaning equipment that would be perfect for your establishment. As a result of the global panic caused by the coronavirus, several individuals will make use of the most effective cleaning solutions commercially available. Truth is, a couple of these chemicals can be hazardous to inexperienced individuals without considering the additional cost of repairs associated with unexpected damages. Employing the services of a professional that will cater to the cleaning operation is safer and economical over the long term.

Special Tools and Equipment

An expert cleaner will always remain ahead of every advancements and innovation in the cleaning industry. They spend time and effort into discovering the most effective cleaning requirement accessible in the market. They should be fully equipped with the best tools and different range of supplies that would offer easy and efficient cleaning operations. They are aware of the specific purpose of every tool which would be used to produce premium quality and flawless cleaning outcomes.

Highly Skilled and Trained Staff

Professional cleaning agencies have a team of highly skilled and trained staff who are experts and have gone through several training hours. They have been highly trained in the cleaning of every commercial environment to provide effective and efficient cleaning activities. The security and background of each of their staff should be properly screened to guarantee that only the best teams are employed.

Reliable Work Quality

This will not be an issue for professional cleaners since they have all the experience required for the job. They are fully aware of the value of adhering to stringent safety protocols which would be implemented on each job. A completion report is also included after every service to inform you of the work that has been performed on your premises and ensure compliance with the appropriate standards.

Why Hire Delaware Office Cleaners

The global outbreak of the coronavirus has become a worldwide phenomenon that has kept several people living under lockdown restrictions. The economic and human impact in the short term has forced people to remain indoors, has kept shops and offices closed, and put different productions on hold. A proactive approach towards residential and commercial cleaning is required for the safety of everyone and guarantees that a safe environment is created using strict cleaning standards.

The professional technicians at Delaware Office Cleaners have been equipped with the required training on safety procedures that will guarantee a safe working environment such as wearing PPE (personal protective equipment such as shoe covers, disposable gloves, and appropriate masks), limiting physical interactions, and regularly washing of hands. We also have caring and sociable technicians that consider your health utmost importance. You can reach out to us at the client’s # for more inquiries and instant Covid19 disinfection and cleaning services.


Frequently Asked Questions

The coronavirus primarily spreads through respiratory and contact droplets such as sneezing and coughing. These droplets can either be transmitted through direct contact or through contaminated surfaces which are transmitted to the nose, eyes, or mouth from the contaminated hands.

The coronavirus has shown to survive for up to 3 hours on hard surfaces but can be less on absorbent materials. However, it does not survive for long under heat or direct sunlight. After sanitizing, the virus would no longer be able to survive.


Disinfection procedures are required to limit the spread and possibility of the coronavirus in a non-health establishment. Surfaces that are handled regularly should be identified for appropriate disinfection like the window and door handles, countertops, food and preparation areas in the kitchen, personal computer keyboards, toilet and taps, work surfaces, and the touchscreen of personal devices.

Disinfection procedures are required to limit the spread and possibility of the coronavirus in a non-health establishment. Surfaces that are handled regularly should be identified for appropriate disinfection like the window and door handles, countertops, food and preparation areas in the kitchen, personal computer keyboards, toilet and taps, work surfaces, and the touchscreen of personal devices.

Cleaning soiled areas before disinfection improves the efficacy of the disinfection. A layer of dirt, dust, and oil usually creates an obstruction between the disinfectant and the surface which would hinder the disinfectant from eliminating the microorganisms available on the surface.


Sanitizing services use less efficient chemicals and sanitizers to limit but do not eliminate the work of microorganisms from surfaces and objects while disinfecting services employ the use of disinfectants that can irreversibly eliminate or destroy the microorganisms available on surfaces.


The pricing for disinfecting services is usually estimated according to the square footage. For instance, the pricing of Stratus Franchises is estimated according to square footage ranging from $.05 to $0.10 per square foot for spaces that are bigger than 5,000 square feet. Few companies also charge around $2.50 for every square foot.

Once you discover an exposure, contamination, or suspected case of the coronavirus during this COVID 19 pandemic, it is vital to carry out the proper disinfection of your facility. This implies that you suspect or know any infected employee or client that visited your business place.

Enveloped viruses are usually vulnerable to disinfectants as inactivating them is less difficult. This also implies that re-contamination and re-distribution can also occur.

You might want to employ the services of a professional like the Delaware Cleaning Office for disinfection once you notice or suspect that your facility might have been compromised by an infected individual or require assistance in setting up or maintaining the appropriate cleaning routine.

We advise that at least one day notice is provided although we can also carry out cleaning activity in the evening or the same day.


Although we carry out disinfection using the required protocols, standards, and recommended products, an infected individual having access to disinfected areas can cause recontamination.


Solutions that would be employed for disinfection should be prepared in properly ventilated spaces. Properly wash your hands such as surface wipes after the use of any disinfectant. Ensure that all lids are properly closed whenever they are not in use.


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