Apartment Cleaning Services

About Apartment Cleaning Services

Owning or renting an apartment can be a daunting task as it requires great responsibility of maintaining its cleanliness no matter how big or small it is. There is nothing more stressful than coming home to a messy place after a very long tiring day, especially when there are instances where we have unexpected guests and visitors. 

Delaware Office Cleaners not only focuses on house services but also every living space that requires and deserves cleaning. We also offer different kinds of services that are designed for the residents living in apartments, condominiums, and even other types of small spaces. We provide services according to your needs.

How Does Our Apartment Cleaning Program Work?

The Delaware Office Cleaners are experts in removing thick layers of dirt in your apartment that may cause sickness not just to you but to your family and every individual that lives with you. We offer the right tools, cleaning materials, and experienced cleaners that will remove every bit of dirt found in your apartment. 

Other basic portions of your apartment like the bedroom, kitchen, dining and living rooms are also included in our apartment deep cleaning service package. Our insured and well-trained cleaners are very keen in cleaning every even small detail and every corner of your apartment, appliances, upholstery and fixtures no matter how narrow the space is. 

Delaware Office Cleaners guarantees to provide deep cleaning service without altering the original look of your apartment. We make sure to put back all your things in their proper places after removing greases and dirts in every corner or appliances in your apartment. We do not just ensure clean services, but we also build strong relationships with our clients to guarantee satisfaction and trust with each other.

Apartment Cleaning Prices

Delaware Office Cleaners makes scheduling for appointments simple for you since keeping your place or apartment clean is already a tough job to start with. We are very much willing to design a program that is best suitable for you. Please feel free to contact us anytime you want by phone or through our website. Delaware Office Cleaners offers you a cleaner and healthier home! 

Apartment Cleaning Checklist


We will clean every bit and corners of your bathroom, countertops, fixtures, cabinets, walls and ceiling. We assure you that we will clean all accessories inside your bathroom, window sills, shower curtains, sink, faucets, mirrors, tubs, doorknobs, and baseboards. 


All the surfaces in your bedroom are wiped by hand to make sure that there will not even be a single stain left on it. We will sweep and vacuum the floors, do general dusting, and remove every cobweb in your home. We will also ensure that your doors and door frames are cleaned and sanitized.

Living Areas

We will wipe the surfaces by hand to ensure that every detail will be cleaned properly. We will remove all cobwebs, arrange and sanitize your furniture, clean every detail of your doors and door frames, as well as sweep and vacuum the floors. We generally remove all dusts and dirts around your bedroom. 


We will make sure to remove all the cobwebs in your ceiling and fixtures. Likewise, we will do exterior cleaning, disinfecting, and dusting on your common kitchen appliances such as microwave, hood, freezer, switches, baseboards, countertops, stove, dishwasher, sink and faucet.

Benefits of  Choosing Delaware Office Cleaners for Apartment Cleaning Services

Well Trained and Professional Staff

Our professional cleaners are all well-trained and experts that provide you a high quality service like pathogen control technique -prevents cross contamination and the spread of disease. All our cleaners are very well chosen and have undergone background checks, they have regular training, and periodic professional reviews. 

Customized Cleaning Services

Hiring Delaware Office Cleaners not only means getting an average cleaning service but a professional home cleaning assistance that uses the best tools and provides you with high quality products used in cleaning. We do not just commit to our customers but to the environment as well. Our services such as trash disposal, carpet cleaning, professional floor care, window cleaning, and many other ones can be tailored to your schedule and needs. 

Trusted and Reliable

We understand that there are a lot of available options for your apartment cleaning, so Delaware Office Cleaners invites you to make us a part of your option. We provide you a hassle free overview of what we can offer and the costs of our services. We promise you complete satisfaction upon finishing our job. If there are instances where for some reason a problem occurs, we will make sure to take action on the situation within 48 hours after contacting us. Give us a call to learn more about the services we offer.

Why Choose Delaware Office Cleaners

Cleaning a new apartment can be a hassle and it can provide a stressful experience for most families and individuals especially if there are other responsibilities in the way. Availing Delaware Office Cleaning’s services wouldn’t cost you too much because we offer quality worthy services for a better rate.

We are very cost-efficient and we have been doing this for years. We already have a team of well-trained, honest and dependable cleaning personnel who will take the burden out of your hands. In addition, our modern way of cleaning process provides you with a money-back guarantee should you feel that we did not live up to our promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Delaware Office Cleaners are proud to be recognized as an affordable, high-quality cleaning service provider that caters to the needs of homeowners who have unique requests and schedules. The costs of our services depend on the size of your home, needs and requests.

Cleaning your apartment including sweeping, vacuuming, mopping the floors, as well as removing dusts and dirts requires a lot of time. However, hiring our professional cleaners can offer you a hand to make your living easier and can help you save your time.

The general consensus is that you should deep clean once every 3–4 months. This includes every room and space in your apartment, from the closet to the entryway. It means taking all of your dishes out of your cabinets and cleaning the shelves and sides of the cupboards.

Our cleaners are all well-equipped with the proper cleaning supplies and equipment that are needed and are best fit to clean your apartment thoroughly. Setting an appointment for the very first time is generally. However, we ask that you give us a little bit of time to get acquainted with your place so that we can do an excellent job cleaning, polishing and sanitizing your home. The following appointments would be much easier and faster.

We will require upfront payment at the time of service. We accept cash, check, debit and credit cards as forms of payment. Paying via credit cards requires you to visit our website and pay for your required services online.

This depends on the apartment owner’s situation or whatever he or she prefers. For example, you may give us the key to your entrance door or choose to leave it under a door mat on the cleaning day. Alternatively, you may also give us your code to the garage. Lastly, although we don’t recommend this, you may leave the door unlocked the day of the cleaning.

Our services are designed to fit what is best suitable for your lifestyle. We do not require long-term contracts and obligations. Feel free to contact us only when you need us.

Since Delaware Office Cleaners are very much flexible and we are willing to work on a no-contract basis, we can offer you our services according to your budget, schedule and needs. We are happy to provide service to you once a week, every other week, once a month, or even daily should you need us to do so. In addition to that, we are also available to lend you a hand during times when you need a cleaning team after holding a special event or partys.

It will all depend on the apartment owner. if you wish to be home while the cleaning is ongoing then it is totally fine. Most of our clients usually provide us access codes on their entrances from the front door up up to the garage. All keys are labelled with a code or identification without a name or address attached to it so they are all kept and secured in a locked up space in our office. However, if you are not comfortable in providing us a key, we are very much willing to compromise our cleaning according to your availability.

As much as possible we want to send the same cleaning crew for the purpose of familiarity. The more familiar the cleaning crew is, the faster they get the tasks done. However, a personnel or crew can fall sick at times or be on a vacation so we may have to appoint a substitute from time to time. However, we do guarantee the same level of expertise and professionalism in all of our cleaners.

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