Move in – Move Out Home Cleaning Service

About Move in – Move Out Home Cleaning Service

People and their family members are usually ecstatic and nervous at the thought of moving to their new home–it is indeed a new phase in their life. However, it is not that simple since there are other things to consider such as doing research on your new neighborhood, forwarding your bills to your new address, and most importantly, researching and booking the right moving company.

Delaware Office Cleaners understands everything about the inconvenience and responsibilities that often come with cleaning up when moving from your old home to your new one. We help homeowners reduce the stress of Moving In and Out throughout the Delaware area.

Move-In Cleaning

When an owner of a house leaves from a home or office area there are typically things neglected which are a nuisance for the new resident. A comprehensive or thorough cleaning when moving in will certainly guarantee that the house is sparkling clean and ready for the new owner to furnish according to their taste. Another example is a company or business that purchased a commercial space will most likely require some assistance from a professional cleaning agency in tidying up as well since the business owner would probably need the new office space to be ready for its staff and potential employees. This kind of cleaning aids in maintaining workers safe and also healthy by giving a secure and comfortable area to do their work. Staff members who have a safe work area tend to be more productive and ultimately deliver better output. All of this can be avoided by hiring a professional move in cleaning company such as Delaware Office Cleaners.

Move Out Cleaning

As time goes on and you get near the move out date, it is essential for you to prepare for the incoming transfer by ensuring that the area you are leaving behind is clean and ready for the next occupant. With our Move Out cleaning service, we ascertain that every inch of the house is properly cleaned and sanitized for the next person or family. One important thing to note is that a pristine-looking house increases the value of your property and so it pays 10 times more by investing in a professional cleaning company. 

The goal of our move in – move out cleaning service is to prepare a clean and comfortable place for the new owner by ensuring that every part of the home is properly cleaned and sanitized. Delaware Office Cleaners can help new owners deep clean, disinfect, and organize their new abode by providing hassle-free services upon moving into their new place. Our professional cleaners are all dedicated to eliminating dirt, sterilizing, disinfecting, and cleaning every corner that needs attention.

Delaware Office Cleaners Move In – Move Out Home Cleaning Checklist

In All Areas:

  • Cleaning the floors
  • Wiping or washing down the walls and/or baseboards
  • Taking out the garbage and cleaning out trash cans
  • Washing the inside and outside of the windows
  • Cleaning and emptying out the cabinets and closets
  • Tidying up the drawers
  • Clearing or moving out items from the garage
  • Vacuuming and polishing the floors

In the Bathroom:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathroom’s toilet, tub, faucet, tiles and sink
  • Wiping bathroom door and mirror

In Kitchen Area:

  • Cleaning the fridge, oven, microwave, and stove
  • Wiping and polishing kitchen cabinet doors

Benefits of Move In – Move Out Home Cleaning Services

New Start

Moving to a house, apartment, or pod can be tough for everyone, especially if the place has been empty for quite some time. Delaware Office Cleaners provides a way of giving you a fresh start by making it a clean and comfortable place to stay. 

Reduce Stress 

Relocating to a new area or leaving one place for another can be difficult and demands a lot of time, effort, and resources. All the packing, organizing, and regular daily responsibilities and obligations that can cause us stress also makes us want cleaning to be our last priority. Know that hiring Delaware Office Cleaners would definitely be a good choice for you to reduce some pressure upon moving in/out. 

Extra Time

House cleaning can be scheduled on the same day or the following day, depending upon availability of your desired service. With this, you’ll be provided with more time to discuss other things that need to be done without worrying whether the house you’ll be moving into would be ready to welcome you. 

A Professional Clean 

Aside from cleaning the house upon relocation, cleaning the refrigerators and ovens’ insides is also included in the premiere services of Delaware Office Cleaners. Cleaning your kitchen cabinets and getting rid of specks of dust in the cabinets and drawers are also covered with our services. Rest assured that your garage and patio will look sparkling clean when you move in.

No Contract 

Cleaning services that are in-demand nowadays can be convenient and time-saving because they will not take much of your time, so filling out papers or signing up for contracts are not essential. Delaware Office Cleaners wishes to grant all your desired cleaning services!

Why Hire Delaware Cleaning Services

Relocating to a new place can be really stressful for most of us if we really think about it. We cannot deny the fact that cleaning can really add up to the things that we need to think about considering the responsibilities that we have. Our attention is divided into our work, family, and the people around us. However, Delaware Office Cleaners can take away your worry regarding cleaning matters, for they are always ready for you! 

We at Delaware Office Cleaners can help you prioritize what’s vital in your life. You may concentrate on the essential matters, while we do the moving in/out process for you. Rest assured that Delaware Office Cleaners will provide you with trained and of top-quality individuals to keep your house thoroughly cleaned.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Delaware Office Cleaners we offer a number of cleaning services such as the move-in/move-out cleaning, deep cleaning, apartment cleaning, home cleaning, and many more. We want to make sure that we provide different options to make sure that our cleaning services fit your every needs.

What’s good about hiring professional cleaners is that they are well-trained and are knowledgeable in the proper way of cleaning, getting rid of the dirt and dust, and sanitizing your place well. Delaware Office Cleaners provides professional cleaners who can help you keep your space as clean and tidy as possible.

Some customers prefer their cleaning appointment scheduled while they are at work or have gone somewhere. However, some other customers would like to be at home during the cleaning service, but that depends on you. Delaware Office Cleaners can entertain your request and are prompt with replying to our customers.

Normally, the best way to do for an owner is to straighten up things like valuables, toys and clothes before the cleaners arrive. In that way, the cleaners can focus on their main job which is cleaning up the whole space.

The cost of our move-in/move-out cleaning services usually depends on the size of the place and as to what extent of the cleaning must be done. Contact us at “client’s phone #” for us to discuss the cost of our cleaning services.

In a bedroom, it usually takes about an hour for every two cleaners. In case the place needs more cleaning, we usually suggest a combination of other cleaning services to achieve optimal results.

As for the move-out cleaning service, we make sure that every part of the place such as the sinks, toilets, showers, floors, and appliances are all clean. This also includes the removal of all your belongings including the trash.

Upon moving out, carpets will be vacuumed. Also, our professional cleaners guarantee that even the floors, regardless of whether it’s wood or tiles, are all well-cleaned and polished.

We at Delaware Office Cleaners provide our own cleaning materials. However, if you have preferred materials to be used for cleaning, we are open to granting your request.

In this case, it would be totally fine. Just leave us some thorough instructions or directions upon scheduling online so the cleaners would be well-informed on how they can have access to your home. Rest assured that your home will be locked and secured when the cleaners leave.

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