How to Clean Up After a Party Checklist

How to Clean Up After a Party Checklist

The best part of organizing parties is hanging around with family and friends in a joyful and fun atmosphere. However, the most awful part about this is the inevitable post-party cleaning process that every host fears. The cleaning up after an event can almost be as demanding as preparing the event itself. Empty mugs, containers and plates are all over! 

Here we have this after-party cleaning checklist to help and make your cleaning up as easy and less stressful as possible.


1. Gather all Your Cleaning Essentials

It is important to have all the tools prepared when you go up for the clean-up process. Also, we suggest if you could open your windows so that any unwanted smell will certainly be replaced by fresh air. Aside from that, this will likely bring in more sunlight into your home, and also it will make it easier for you to identify what you need to clean.


2. Collect the Empty Bottles and Prepare Them for Recycling

We can’t deny that most events will have lots of alcohol which surely will result in plenty of empty bottles once the celebration is over.  In case there are fluids remaining in the bottles, we encourage you to put away and afterwards you can set all the vacant bottles apart. If possible, try to reuse them.


3. Clean up the Kitchen

An empty drying kitchen shelf and also tidy counters are important before you could start the actual job. So make time to clean and put away every one of the dirty pots, frying pans, and also bakeware. If there is any kind of food left after the party, make sure you are able to dispose of it. Don’t also forget to make a quick wipe of all the counters and surfaces of your kitchen although they are going to get dirty and messy again. 


4. Clean the Furniture

In most cases, your furniture and fixtures can end up dirty and full of spills after the party. Ideally, you can make use of cleaning products to help you with the cleaning. You could also seek professional cleaners to do the job for you. 


5. Leave the Floors Until Last

Yes, you can easily spill cleaning products on your floors and let it soak while you are doing other chores. Leaving the floors as the last thing to do will usually wrap-up all the clean up process you have done after the party. Normally, you can say that you are done with the cleaning after you mop or vacuum your floors. 


6. Get the Common Areas Back to Normal

Normally, during the party, there are a lot of changes that may happen in your place including the additional chairs, tables, or furniture. So when the party’s over, you can remove, shuffle, and organize your things accordingly to make your place back to normal again. 



When you clean efficiently and effectively after-party, hosting another one is not a stressful thing to do. However, if you need a hand with the cleaning matters, one of the things you may consider is to hire a cleaning service provider to come in and do your post-party cleaning for you. After-party cleaning services can sometimes be arranged for same-day service. In case your party will end during late nights, then it is most likely that your chosen cleaning service provider will do the job in the morning.  

If you consider this option, normally you are still likely to do a bit of cleaning considering that you do not wish to leave spills, crumbs, liquors or remaining food out overnight. If you have a hard time with the overall after-party cleaning process, do not hesitate to call Delaware Office Cleaners. We are here to assist you with the clean up after any type of event. Simply contact us to get the best professional cleaner today!

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