Are You Cleaning Your Bathroom Often Enough?

Are You Cleaning Your Bathroom Often Enough?

Cleaning a bathroom can be a frustrating task to do. The thought of it somehow gives us a feeling of disgust especially that most of the cleaning needs to be cleaned by hand. Unlike when you are cleaning the living room or in the kitchen, you can just push your vacuum or do the chores using any cleaning equipment. However, when it comes to your toilet bowl, sink, tub, or shower walls those things need to be cleaned manually which makes the cleaning a major chore to do. 

Normally. it is not necessary to clean every part of your bathroom everyday. The scrubbing of your tub, toilet, or sink can be done at least once in a week. However, there are just some areas of the bathroom that need everyday attention that will surely help your bathroom clean and tidy almost everyday. Take a look at these following bathroom cleaning steps that will not only help you achieve the comfort you are looking for, but also save your time cleaning your bathroom.


Step 1. Remove all items from their usual spot.

To achieve the best result, do this first before you start any of the cleaning . Remove all the belongings you have in the bathroom including towels, products, rugs, and trash bins. Anything that is easily movable in your bathroom you can remove all of those to prepare you for the next step.


Step 2. Dust and sweep.

This time you can already eliminate all the dust in your bathroom. You can also use any tools available at home to get into every corner that has dust and cobwebs. Once you are done getting rid of that dust in your bathroom, you are ready to do the next step.


Step 3: Apply bathroom cleaner to shower, sink and bathtub.

Now that you have already got rid of the dust and any dirt in your bathroom, the next thing to do is to apply an all-purpose cleaner to the sink, bathtub, and shower walls. However, if the bathroom has not been used for quite some time, you can use a stronger solution to eliminate those stubborn dirt. After you have put the cleaner, let it soak for the meantime. 


Step 4: Get to the other surfaces–fiberglass showers and glass doors.

Do not forget to clean the surfaces and glass doors in your bathroom. A cloudy and dusty glass shower is not good to look at, that is why it really needs special attention when you do the cleaning. Use a non abrasive cleaner such as an all-purpose cleaner or baking soda as these will not cause any damage to your property. Take note that this cleaner may be sensitive to your skin so better protect your skin whenever you do cleaning using any cleaning products.


Step 5: Get back to the shower, sink and bathtub.

This time your sink, bathtub, and shower walls are ready to get cleaned. What is good about letting the cleaner soak in for the meantime is that it will help you make the cleaning easier. Now you can do the scrubbing to get rid of the dirt without taking too much of your time and effort. You just have to make sure that you get to every corner of the bathroom before you rinse down. 


Step 6. Clean the toilet.

If you clean and scrub your toilet regularly, then the scrubbing will not be too difficult especially when you already apply a cleaner beforehand. In case, there is buildup existing inside your toilet, usually you can use a toilet brush to clean it. After that you can clean the outside part of your toilet then use a clean cloth for the finishing.


Step 7. Mop the floor.

This will be the last thing you can do when you clean your bathroom. You can have a bucket of clean water with a bit of an all-purpose cleaner when you do the mopping. When the bathroom floor is already dry, take out your cleaned bathroom rugs and mats and return all those things you have removed that are needed in your bathroom. 


Most of us would tell that the bathroom is what we hate to clean the most. The thought of it being dumpy and stinky will give us a second thought of cleaning it. However, as much as where we need to clean most of the time, the bathroom also needs that. As a matter of fact, we can’t deny that we are using the bathroom almost everyday of our lives, that is why it needs cleaning attention. Use these bathroom cleaning tips to help and assist you with your bathroom maintenance, and to make sure that you have a comfortable and fresher bathroom. If you need help in cleaning other areas of your home or office, Delaware Office Cleaners is just a call away. 

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